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We thought we would make things even easier and provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

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The deposit system we use is to help make the booking process as easy as possible for you.

A 25% deposit is due with the returned contract, followed by a 50% deposit due 2 weeks prior to the wedding, and the final 25% is due when I have all your final videos ready to be shipped to you :)

We do not charge for travel.


One meal must be provided for the videographer on the wedding date.

Turn Around Time?

Our turnaround time is  4 - 12 weeks, which gives us all the time we need to create gorgeous wedding videos!

Working With


We take working with other photographers very seriously! We respect their vision and creative choices and want to make sure we're not creating any obstacles for them.


If you're interested to hear more about how we work with photographers check out our featured films that are linked to the photographers from each wedding day.

LGBTQ+ Friendly

Yes, we are 100% LGBTQ+ friendly and will refuse to work with any other vendors that are not. We take this very seriously!


We use music from which is all licensed and legal for us to use as a business. We can not use any songs that are not listed on this website as it can become a legal issue for us and result in legal action against our business.

Honestly using a popular song from a famous artist never leads to an original or one-of-a-kind wedding film.

Camera Emergencies?

We understand it's important to be prepared for anything.  Our cameras are equipped with dual SD slots which means as we film during the day your wedding footage is already being backed about being prepared!


As soon as your wedding day ends and we've returned home, your wedding footage is uploaded to an external hard drive and then backed up again to another (we don't mess around).

We always have three - five cameras with us at all times and a wide selection of lenses in case anything were to happen.


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