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The key take away from my wedding videographer

Updated: Jun 27


Weddings are one of the most memorable days in anyone's life. As someone who recently tied the knot, I can confidently say that one of the best decisions we made was to invest in a professional wedding videographer. If you're engaged this blog will share why having a video of your special day is invaluable.

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Why a Wedding Video is Worth Every Penny

1. Relive the Emotions Your wedding day is filled with emotions—joy, laughter, happy tears, and love. A video captures these moments in a way that photos simply can't. Watching our video, we could relive the heartfelt vows, the emotional first look, and the joyous reactions of our friends and family.

2. Capture the Moments You Missed No matter how present you are, there will be parts of your wedding day that you miss. Whether it's a funny moment between guests or a touching speech while you're away, a videographer ensures you can experience every special moment.

3. Share with Loved Ones Not everyone you love can always make it to your wedding. Having a video allows you to share the day with those who couldn't attend. Plus, it's something you can show to future generations—your children and grandchildren can see your love story unfold.

4. Professional Quality A professional videographer brings expertise, high-quality equipment, and a creative eye. Our wedding video wasn't just a recording; it was a beautifully crafted film that told the story of our day. The editing, music, and cinematography all contributed to a piece we treasure. THIS IS ONE THING I WOULD NOT JUST PICK THE CHEAPEST OPTION> Typically cheaper does not mean better and for video that is true. Having someone with experience that is reliable is key. Check their Google reviews. If they don't have Google reviews there is probably a reason why...

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Choosing the Right Videographer

Research and Reviews Start by researching local videographers and reading reviews. Personal recommendations can also be invaluable. - I had to mention this again, it's so important!

Style and Approach Each videographer has a unique style. Watch their previous work to ensure their approach matches what you're looking for. Do they create cinematic films, documentary-style videos, or a mix of both? Are they a candid shooter?

Budget and Packages Discuss your budget and what each package includes. Many videographers offer different levels of service, from full-day coverage to highlight reels. Do - Not just say "Oh their the cheapest" I have had couple call me crying because their videographer bailed last minute or they lost footage etc.

Meet in Person If possible, meet your videographer in person or via video call. It's important to feel comfortable and ensure they understand your vision.

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My Experience

On our wedding day, our videographer was unobtrusive yet everywhere at once. They captured candid moments, the beauty of our venue, and the essence of our celebration. Watching the video, we laughed, cried, and remembered exactly why we fell in love. It was a perfect encapsulation of our day, and we couldn't be happier with the decision to hire a professional.


Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. While photos are wonderful, a video allows you to relive the day in a way that nothing else can. It captures the sounds, movements, and emotions that make your wedding unique. If you're planning your big day, I highly recommend investing in a professional wedding videographer. It's a decision you won't regret.

Book your videographer today and ensure your wedding day memories are preserved in the most beautiful way possible.


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