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MH Wedding Films
Video Book

Introducing our exquisite video books, the perfect way to preserve the cherished memories of your wedding day. Imagine reliving every magical moment through the pages of a beautifully crafted book that displays your wedding day highlights!

Mh Wedding Films Video Book

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Abstract Shapes

in stock

"Best Day Ever"

Mh Wedding Films Video Book
Abstract Shapes

in stock

"Our Wedding Day"

Mh Wedding Films Video Book

Other Features

Our wedding books play when opened, pause/play, skip/fast-forward, and are Compatible with Mac & PC. Multiple Videos can be added if space is available.

More -

  • 7 " IPS screen (not  touch screen)

  • 1500 mAh battery 

  • Rechargeable  

  • Speakers Built In

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This selection is free for all couples that booked their wedding day with us. All other couples outside of our service there is a $15 dollar fee for me to upload your video as video files must be HD and meet our specs to play on our video books. If you choose to upload your video MH Wedding Films is not responsible for any technical issues when trying to upload your video to your video book or technical issue for playback.

** Shipping fees will be shown in the final invoice


Thank you! I will be in contact soon.

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