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MH Wedding Films

I Love Filming Weddings!

MH Wedding Films

Hello, I'm Mason.

I'm the person joining you on your big day! I am so excited to be able to capture your special moments and work to create your wedding film!

I have been a wedding videographer and photographer for over seven years!

I am a laid-back, easy-going fellow who enjoys anything to do with video! I love capturing moments that can only come with video. Photos are great but being able to watch your wedding day again and see people and how they were at that moment is so special!


Some of them may no longer be around or with you, so it is amazing to see how they interact, hear their voice and be able to bring yourself back to that moment in time!

This is why I love video and capturing weddings :)

MH Wedding Films
MH Wedding Films Elora Mill Pearle Weddings Roseville Estate

We're Married.

Rosie and I had our wedding in July 2022, and I know what you are going through and working towards while planning your big day!

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